Paul McCartney? Nope, Never Heard of Him

Posted on February 23, 2012


Adele wonders who the old guy is

Apparently last weekend during the Grammy Awards, while I was enjoying the “Golden Slumbers Medley” which turned into a great guitar jam, one of the trending topics on Twitter was how many young people had no idea who Paul McCartney is.

Blasphemous. Unbelievable.

You damn kids!

Get off my lawn!

However, this is not simply a generation gap.

I remember being on the air at a classic rock station way back and it seemed like every time I played “Stairway to Heaven” someone would call and ask what song I was playing or who sang it. These were people who chose to listen to classic rock calling in.

OK, sure, not knowing who Paul McCartney is or what band recorded Stairway are pretty extreme examples but they are also a good reminder that your audience isn’t as aware of what’s going on as you are.

You get paid to know all about the artists you play or to study and understand every nuance and detail of the stories you discuss. Your audience doesn’t.

Take the time to clearly set the premise of what you are talking about and fill-in the basic details of the story before you start into any sort of opinion or commentary. Let’s face it, your show will be a lot more compelling for listeners if they know what you are talking about.

Oh, any by the way, do it every time. Just because you clearly set the premise yesterday doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it again today. Just because you clearly set the premise 20 minutes ago before the last stopset doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it again.