When It Comes to Interviews Skip the Salad

Posted on February 17, 2012


Your Listeners want meet

Every once in a while I love going to a Brazilian Steak House like Fogo de Chao here in Chicago.

For anyone not familiar with the Brazilian Steak House concept, beside your plate is a small card that is green on one side and red on the other. Waiters with skewers full of different kinds of meat circulate through the restaurant and if your card is on green they stop at the table and offer you whatever type of meat they are carrying.

It’s essentially steak-lovers heaven. Non-stop meat of all kinds being brought right to you. My cardiologist hates me even thinking about it.

It looks tempting but skip it

But one interesting part of places like Fogo is that they always have an amazing salad bar that is included as part of your meal. This always leads to the debate about whether to have some actual vegetables first or just go straight to the meat.

I can’t speak to your dietary selections but when it comes to interviews with guests I hear a lot of hosts going to the salad bar when all your listeners want is for you to turn the card over to green and let the meat flow.

When you do an interview there is a tendency, because most people including hosts are linear thinkers, to start with the background. How did the band get together? What led you to want to write a book on economics? What restaurants did you work at prior to becoming a steak peddler?

The audience doesn’t care. Turn the card to green and start with the meat.

Ask the guest about what is going on now. What is happening on the tour bus now that the band has tons of fans? How can the book can help with retirement planning? What are the newest additions to the meat menu?

I know the tomatoes with mozzarella and iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing look tempting but trust me, your audience wants meat.