Your Show Should be Trendy

Posted on February 14, 2012


Being trendy isn't about keeping up with this guy

Being “trendy” used to be a somewhat derogatory term. It meant you got involved with whatever was hot at that moment and then abandoned it whenever something newer, flashier or more interesting came along.

Not a very consistent approach to life and an even worse idea when it comes to hosting a show and building an audience.

Today, being “trendy” has taken on a new meaning.

Thanks to the analytics available from the web you can see what topics are trending — being talked about — at nearly every level of specificity.

With Google TrendsYahoo’s Trending Now and Twitter-related sites like you can see what topics are getting the most attention from the widest possible variety of people.

But it doesn’t stop there.

So many sites have a “most searched” or “most read” feature that you can use to isolate the top stories in almost any area your audience is interested in.

For example, as I write this the top trending tags at Bleeding Cool, a site for comic book and sci-fi movie geeks like me, are:  Gary Friedrich, Doctor Who, Amazing Spider Man, The Avengers and Before Watchmen.

While you probably wouldn’t use the top tags from Bleeding Cool to prep your show I’m guessing that whatever your audience is into there are a number of sites with a similar feature that can provide guidance making it easy for you to always be on point discussing the topics and stories that your audience is most interested in.

There’s no longer any excuse for not covering the stories that have captured your audience’s attention.

All you have to do is be trendy.