M&M Mars Helped a Community and So Can You

Posted on February 10, 2012


I came across this great article in AdPulp that talks about how brands are doing things to help communities in need and then using it as advertising.

One example is how Tide shows up with a mobile clothes washing facility to help people out after a tornado or other natural disaster.

Another is this commercial that came out of M&M/Mars helping build a heated enclosure for a hockey rink so an entire northern Canadian community has a place to come together around doing something they love.

There’s no reason you can’t do something like this.

You might not have the resources of Proctor & Gamble (who owns Tide) or M&M/Mars but you can get out and do things to help your community.

  • If you need to raise funds there are sites like Kickstarter or Crowdrise.
  • You can gather attention and volunteers using Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can capture the effort on video using a flip cam or your phone and post it to YouTube and the station Web site for people to see.
  • And of course, there’s always your show which can help you before, during and after a project.

Yes it’s more work than usual, but this is the type of thing that will make you stand out from the other person at that other station across the street who is also witty, entertaining and has a good contest feature.

Do something good for your community and people will remember you. More importantly they will tune to you first when they turn on the radio.