Love or Hate It: New Madonna Record is an Event

Posted on February 6, 2012


The words most tweeted to describe Madonna’s halftime show are: “amazing”, “great”, “good”, “best”, “bad” and “hating”.

Out of the six terms five are very polarizing with only “good” being a middle of the road type opinion.

According to a Digital Spy article the love and hate ran wild during the half-time show which averaged 8,000 tweets per second and at one point broke the 10,000 mark.

Want more? As of 8am on Monday morning Madonna’s half-time performance at the Super Bowl was number two on Google trends (and number nine).

Love her or hate her Madonna’s new record and halftime performance are an event.

Clear Channel knew it. The company played the new song at the top of every hour all weekend as part of a huge, world-wide promotion that included showing the video on digital billboards.

I hope you find an angle and get involved. Even if it’s not exactly your format it’s what the world is talking about this morning and you should be too.