Help for Introverted Radio Hosts

Posted on January 25, 2012


Don't Be Shy

When I was programming one thing that always surprised me was how many great talent were actually introverts and completely uncomfortable in a crowd.

Now I’m somewhat introverted myself. I prefer one-on-one discussions or small groups to large gatherings but I find it interesting that people who can open the mic and inform or entertain thousands or even millions of people can dread facing 200 listeners in person at a public appearance.

That’s why this MarketingProfs article,”Three Tips for the Introverted Conference Goer,” caught my attention. These suggestions can easily be applied to a talent facing a station appearance or event where listeners will be gathering in droves.

The first suggestion is to plan a full schedule ahead of time so you can’t fall into avoidance. For radio hosts that could mean planning out on-site contests, call-ins and other elements of an appearance — including “talk to listeners” — ahead of time just like prepping a show so you aren’t overwhelmed by the situation.

The second tip is to use the buddy system and attend the convention with someone else. For an airtalent this can take the form of a promotions person or intern whose job is to hang with the talent, make them feel comfortable and shoo off any really obnoxious listeners.

Finally, the author suggests focusing on one-to-one discussions. When you are at a bar gig and need to work the room start by talking to people who are alone. Ask a few questions, learn something about them and them move on. Repeat as necessary until you have talked with a large chunk of the people in attendance.

No matter how strong the urge, don’t stand in the corner. The listeners don’t realize you are uncomfortable. To them you just look like an aloof, jerk which is not the image you want to portray.