A Suggestion from My Sibling: Consider All Your Listeners

Posted on January 20, 2012


My sister Judy and I

While catching up on the phone recently my sister Judy and I started discussing my blog — yes I know, we both need more exciting lives — and I asked if she would be interested in writing a guest post. Check out what she wrote below and a thought from me after it.

When my brother asked me to write a guest blog I thought sure, I’ve written columns before.  But, when it came down to actually writing something that would be of interest to “radio hosts looking to improve their on-air performance” it wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

Yes I am a marketing/communications professional by trade, and yes I even did a stint on the other side of the mic once a long, long, time ago but what could I possibly tell radio hosts that would have any significance?  Then it dawned on me I am an avid radio listener, I almost always have a radio on wherever I am and I listen to a lot of different stations; classic rock, top 40, dance music, country (sorry brother), soft rock, oldies and many more.  So if I could say anything to all of the radio hosts of all the stations I listen to what would be?

It would be “don’t assume only your target demographic is listening”.  I know that is 99% of our audience, but there is another 1% out there listening who don’t fit into your target but still like your programming enough to make a conscious effort to choose your station.  When you’re planning your show, take a minute and think about me, the 45 year-old single woman listening to the top 40 station, what would be of interest to me?  You can’t program your entire show to the 1% but if you throw something in for minority every once in a while, they just might keep listening, tell their friends to listen, enter your contest, follow you on Facebook and even buy products from your sponsors.

We all like to feel included and listening to the radio is no different so don’t forget the 1%.

Here’s my take: while the idea of prepping your show to reach that last 1% may seem tough to fathom, Judy makes a great point about being sure the content you put on the air reaches as wide of an audience as you can while staying within your target. It’s very easy to get too narrowly focused and leave potential listening on the table for other stations to scoop up.