Signs of the Apocalypse: Korn Fan’s Raising Families

Posted on January 19, 2012


Due to a unique set of circumstances I ended up watching an episode of ABC’s “Happy Endings,” a sitcom centered on a group of 30-something characters living in Chicago.

I mention their age because the episode included a plot where two of the characters went back to their “old selves,” reverting back to how they were when they first started dating in college or soon after. What was striking was a couple of the “memories” the couple referenced including throwing up out back of a Korn concert and a full on No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani outfit.

It made me realize just how long ago those things had to be if these characters were “reminiscing” about them. Just to be sure I looked them up:

No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” album, the one that really put the band on the map came out in 1997, that’s 15 years ago. Korn started to gain recognition even a little earlier.

Doing a little math that means if a Korn fan was 17 when the band first hit he is nearly 35 now; probably married and raising a family.

Same with a 14 year-old Gwen-wannabee. She is almost 30 now and in a much different place.

I only bring this up to help you recalibrate your radar. In my case that means realizing someone sporting a Korn shirt can very easily have a family, a complete disconnect from when I was programming alternative radio stations.

Before you go on the air next, take a moment to do the math. Consider the benchmark events you might mention on the air — references to movies, TV shows or other pop culture icons from years past — and make sure they are age appropriate for your audience.

It can make a big difference in how compelling you sound to them.