The Power of the Poll

Posted on January 18, 2012


Sometimes it easy to overlook the power of the simplest tools we have available.

And no, despite the picture of Tim Tebow, I’m not talking about god or faith.

In this case I’m talking about good old-fashioned listener polls.

I understand that sometimes the idea of putting up and promoting a listener poll can seem pedestrian.

But consider this story from the ESPN Front Row blog:

Earlier this week, some of the results of the December ESPN Sports Poll were released and garnered widespread attention for the news that Denver Bronco Tim Tebow received the most mentions as America’s favorite active professional athlete. Healthy debate and discussion ensued — an offshoot of all good polling — and it got us thinking about what exactly the ESPN Sports Poll is all about.

There are two key phrases in that paragraph: “garnered widespread attention” and “healthy debate and discussion ensued.”

When was the last time you did something that accomplished the former and led to the latter?

Maybe you should try a listener poll.

If not I guess there’s always Tebowing.