Learning to Share… Again

Posted on January 16, 2012


Watching children learn to share may be one of the most painful (or at times messy) things you will ever witness.

Seeing kids attempt to wrap their brain around the idea that just because they want something doesn’t mean they should always have it and that others might want to use that thing for a while can be tough to watch.

Similarly, watching people learn to share on social media is nearly as painful.

Unfortunately, many hosts make the same mistakes on the air that other people do online when it comes to sharing which is why I found this article by Jeff Bullas particularly interesting.

He talks about the results of a research study  by The New York Times’ Customer Insight Group and Latitude Research into what motivates people to share.

While the results are all fairly interesting what stood out to me were the conclusions concerning what marketers should keep in mind when they share content, three of which apply equally to being on the air:

  • Trust is the cost of entry of getting shared.
  • Keep it simple and it will get shared – it won’t get muddled. (for more on this see yesterday’s post)
  • Appeal to their sense of humor.

Be honest, make your content easy to understand and try to make them laugh.

Pretty good advice.