See How You Are Being Shown Up by a 9 Year-Old

Posted on January 9, 2012


There is a reason I am posting this video of  a nine year-old girl playing “Amazing Grace” on the recorder and piano.

The girl in question, who happens to be the daughter of my best friend,  is clearly not a musical prodigy, at least not yet. Maybe with practice right?

However, she was able to post this video without any help from either of her parents.

Sure, she’s no more Martin Scorsese than she is Charlie Parker, but she’s nine!

Now, explain to me why your show never posts any video content.

Listeners love to look behind the scenes.

Videos are the second most engaging type of Facebook post ranking close behind photos.

You have a video recorder in your phone and  the resources of the entire station behind you.

And let me reiterate, a nine year-old can do it.

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