Best (and Worst) Week Day 3: Facebook, Twitter and Google Year-End Stats

Posted on January 5, 2012


Earlier this week I introduced you to Fast Company’s “The Best And Worst Of Everything In 2011: A Mega, Meta Mashup,” which lists the best “Best Of” lists that look back on 2011. They were so kind to narrow down the expansive number of “Best of” lists that I was inspired to trim even it even further by writing about my favorite entries.

A post on titled “Who Had the Dumbest Users In 2011: Facebook, Twitter or Google?” reviews the top 5 Google searches, Twitter topics and Facebook status updates that, when taken as a whole, provide a pretty good overall explanation of each service.

The top two entries on the list of top Facebook status updates in 2011 were “lms,” which stands for “like my status” and “tbh,” which means “To be honest.” Both are about getting attention; an excellent reminder that engagement is currency in the world of Facebook. If you want to use the platform successfully you need to get and give attention regularly.

The top 5 Twitter hashtags of 2011 are a great snapshot of why the service struggling to rise to the same level of acceptance as Facebook. Important, socially relevant world events like the revolution in Egypt and the Japanese disaster land on the list right next to Charlie Sheen. Not much middle ground there; it’s important or it’s stupid. The same can be said of the most active times on the service: the MTV Video music awards (8,868 tweets/second), Troy Davis’ execution (7,671 tweets/second) and Steve Jobs resigning from Apple (7,064 tweets/second).

Once you discount the suspicious inclusion of Google+ in the list of fastest-rising Google searches from 2011 you are left with Rebecca Black,  Ryan Dunn, Casey Anthony and Battlefield 3; three celebrities of dubious importance at best and a video game. A good reminder that using search trends as an indicator for prepping your show may move you away from substance.