Best (and Worst) Week Day 1: Make Your “Best Of” List

Posted on January 3, 2012


If my Michigan State communications degree isn’t failing me I believe the definition of a meta-curator would be someone who curates the work of curators.

For example, Fast Company recently posted “The Best And Worst Of Everything In 2011: A Mega, Meta Mashup,” which lists the best “Best Of” lists that look back on 2011 and includes this fabulous picture.

That inspired me to try the role of meta-meta-curator by picking and choosing the entries I think are most interesting from Fast Company’s list to write about.

The first one that caught my attention was a post by the Chicago Tribune’s Robert Pagliarini in his blog, “Your Other 8 Hours” that suggests taking time to make your own personalized Top 10 lists like: What you are most proud of from 2011? What did you learn this year? Regrets (if any)? Friendships made? Toughest decisions?

That’s a great exercise of personal exploration and could also be easily applied to professional life as well. Take a moment to make a few lists like:

  • Your best on-air moments of the year.
  • The best station appearances or events you participated in.
  • The best (or worst) guests you interviewed.
  • Your best Facebook/Twitter/Blog posts of the year.

Once you have the list, look for commonalities amongst the entries. Look for the recurring themes or circumstances that appear on your list and do your best to repeat them more often (or avoid them if it’s a “worst of” list).

Be sure to share the lists with your boss, co-hosts or mechanic. If you discuss them in the same depth as who should be considered the best quarterback or heavy metal guitarist of all time I’ll bet you will come away with some great lessons that can be applied to your show going forward into 2012.