Clean Up on Aisle 2011: Someone Spilled Your Social Media

Posted on December 27, 2011


It’s been a busy year.

And let’s be honest, 2012 isn’t going to slow down any.

So while you catch your breath this week it’s a good time to do some cleaning up and organizing so you can get off to a good start in 2012.

Here’s a few suggestions that might help you get ready for a more productive year:

  1. Your Phone: If you have a smart phone take a few minutes to arrange the apps in an intuitive way that makes the phone easier to use. While you are at it, consider what you need to make the phone work even more efficiently and invest in the programs that will help.
  2. Twitter: Go through the people  you follow and make sure they are valuable to you and not just clogging up your Twitter feed. Remember that lists are a great way to follow people who might be entertaining without clogging up your feed. I recently created lists for all the comedians and pokers players I like to follow. That way I can view their tweets when I want to without my main feed being so cluttered.
  3. Facebook: It’s time to upgrade your profile to Timeline. You are supposed to be on the cutting edge and so should your Facebook account. Learn more about Timeline here.
  4. Facebook Part 2: Sort out your friends into groups so you can post appropriately. Even a simple delineation between “friends” and “business acquaintances” or “listeners” will give you a lot more control over who sees what.
  5. Feed Reader: If you do show prep without a feed reader to capturing RSS feeds from the sites you visit most you are doing things the hard way. I suggest using Google Reader so you can access your feeds from anywhere and then downloading FeedDemon, which synchs with Google Reader, to your desktop.  If you already have a feed reader, refine your feeds; delete ones that aren’t really delivering good content and search out some new ones.

Wow, a dual-purpose post; good advice for you and a to-do list for me. Since I need to do most of the things I just mentioned over the next few days, the rest of the week I will be re-posting entries from earlier in the year I think are worth re-iterating.

Look for new content starting next Tuesday January 2.

I hope you have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration and that you have nothing but success in 2012.