In the Immortal Words of Roger Daltrey, “Why Should I Care”

Posted on December 20, 2011


If he were a talent coach I think Roger Daltrey would frequently refer to the song “5:15” when working with hosts.

Specifically, he would reference the first two lines of the song, “Why should I care? Why should I care?”

The repetitious message is a lesson in what the audience is thinking every time you open the mic, “why should I care?”

It’s no accident these lines are at the very start of the song, the first thing you should do when you open the mic is give the listener a reason to care about what you are going to say. If you can’t to that don’t expect them to stick around.

Too often I hear talent discuss a topic without giving the listeners a reason to be engaged. Consider these examples:

  • A live broadcast from a Verizon Wireless store. Why should I care?
  • A block party weekend. Why should I care?
  • A Joe Rogan Interview. Why should I care?

Instead, you should be talking about:

  • Learning how to pick the best new phone for you. I care!
  • Deep tracks that are likely to play during the station’s block party weekend. I care!
  • Which Fear Factor challenge came the closest to making host Joe Rogan barf. I care (or at least audiences who like Joe Rogan do)!

Before you open the mic, be sure to channel a bit of Roger Daltrey. Put yourself in the listener’s shoes and ask the important question, “why should I care?”