You Want Me to Blog? Tweet You Pal!

Posted on December 19, 2011


My last post featured some great thoughts from Cumulus Senior VP of Programming Jan Jeffries about what hosts need to do to be effective. He was kind enough to forward the post to a large number of Cumulus PD’s which resulted in a nice traffic spike for my blog. Today, in hopes of there being some residual PD traffic to the blog, I’ve posted a rant directed primarily at programmers:

My career on the air was not long-lived. After college I did some part-time work, found a full-time gig doing nights at a classic rock station and quickly discovered that I was an incredibly, frighteningly, maddeningly mediocre airtalent.

I was however a pretty damn good promotions director and Assistant PD which pretty much set the compass for my career path.

However, even as an “off-air” programmer I continued doing weekends and vacation fill-in at every station I programmed until I got to Chicago and finally hung up the headphones.

But I did it.

I prepped for shows; some better than others. I did some really great, creative station promos and some really awful read-from-the-top-of-the-card ones. I recorded, edited and aired calls, filled out winner sheets and was late turning on the mic because I was jawing with the engineer.

I’ve lived the experience and that helps me coach the hosts I work with. I understand what they are facing.

Unfortunately, many program directors have not lived the social media experience. They know their hosts should be participating: blogging, tweeting, posting, roasting, baking, broasting… something… anything…. Augh!!!!

Don’t ask your hosts to do something you have never even tried. You won’t be credible nor will you give good direction.

If you want hosts to write blogs, start one of your own. If you want them to use Twitter, start tweeting. While you’re at it, accelerate your learning process with other resources; take an online class, read related articles or talk to people who really do embrace each platform.

And if you are a host who who’s being told to incorporate more social media into your show by a PD who still says he wants you to “twit” more often I suggest you print a copy of this post and leave it on their desk anonymously.