Your Listeners Don’t Know How to Juggle

Posted on December 13, 2011


Photo by Acaben

Last week’s Arbitron Client Conference included a half-day session called the “Radio On! Creative Workshop” that focused on how to do better radio production.

The seminar featured Radio Mercury Award winners talking about production and copyrighting.

One of the best quotes to come out of the session was this, “throw listeners one ball not five during a spot.”

I don’t know who said it so I can’t credit it appropriately but what a great sentiment that applies not only to commercials but also to anytime anyone opens the mic.

Don’t expect your listeners to be jugglers.

Throw them one clear, concise thought each time you open the mic and they are likely to catch it.

Throw a multitude of thoughts, facts and figures at them and they are going to drop the balls and very possibly tune out.

I understand the temptation.

I’m sure each of those five ideas made perfect sense and dovetailed nicely with each other in your mind. Unfortunately, the reality is that your audience isn’t that focused and you aren’t that articulate.

Remember: one thought per break. It’s always been the rule and it always will be.