Why Your Show Should be Daily Candy not Groupon

Posted on December 9, 2011


My Groupon offer today was 53% off the Joffrey Ballet which, anyone who knows me realizes, is an epic fail.

My Living Social offer was a little over half off a brazilian wax which, even people who don’t really know me realize, is an even more epic fail.

In an era of targeted advertising two of the biggest “daily deals” providers both missed me by a mile today.

That was one of the points David Lebow made in his presentation at the Arbitron Client Conference and Jacobs Media Seminar yesterday.

Talking about a new venture he is involved with in the daily deals space, Lebow, whose resume includes titles like Executive VP at America Online and Senior Vice President of Emmis Communications, pointed out the difference between sites like Groupon and services like Daily Candy and Thrillist which serve specific audiences (trendy young professional women and trendy younger men respectively).

Even though they are smaller than Groupon or Living Social, Lebow points out that Daily Candy and Thrillist have two advantages:

1) Targeting: They know they type of people who are signed up so the deals they offer are direct hits on the reader’s lifestyle more often.

2) Trust: They have earned respect from their audience by being focused and that means they are more likely to get the benefit of the doubt when they send an offer for a service or restaurant the recipient isn’t familiar with.

Which brings us back to your show.

You can’t afford to be Groupon. You need to be Daily Candy.

You can’t offer ballet tickets or brazilian waxes and assume that your audience is so large someone will be happy.

Groupon can. There audience is that large.

You can’t. Your audience isn’t that large.

Even within your station’s format, you need to find your Thrillist or Daily Candy equivalent.

If you are on a male-focused station find a role to play. You can be the sports expert, the beer aficionado, the sex junkie, the musicologist, the video game nut or some combination of a few of these.

But you need to be something your audience can recognize and identify. That’s when you begin to get the same trust that Thrillist gets and your audience starts to become loyal like Daily Candy’s.