Gatorade For Your Show Prep

Posted on December 1, 2011


In yesterday’s post I talked about the concept of recycling your material into different forms such as using bits to drive blog posts and turning listener comments into new topics.

The latter idea follows right along with the concepts Will Price lays out in an iMedia Connection article about how advertisers like Gatorade are learning to adjust their marketing messages on the fly in real-time.

He calls this process being a “newsdesk marketer” which he describes as advertisers who, “produce marketing messages on a daily cycle and work to ensure the brand message operates within the context of their customers’ daily lives.”

Sounds like being an airtalent to me.

He lays out the four steps newsdesk marketers use to keep their product fresh:

  1. Listen: Pay attention to what your audience is talking about and what topics are trending.
  2. Program: Develop content to match the daily trends observed in step one.
  3. Update: Prepare content updates to stay relevant to the discussion.
  4.  Measure: Look back over daily analytics and engagement levels.

Sounds like a day in the life of a successful host to me.

  1. Start to prep your show by looking at what topics are hot for your audience.
  2. Create content for your show that revolves around those topics.
  3. After your show evaluate what worked well and what didn’t.
  4. Learn from it and start again the next day with a fresh update.

Step number three may be the trickiest part. Great radio is fairly subjective.

I suggest looking beyond just the number of phone calls a bit got.

Consider the entertainment value of the discussion for people who don’t call in.

Look at both the number and the quality of responses to your Facebook posts and Tweets.

And of course if you need an objective set of eyes to help you with any of these four steps I would suggest hiring a mechanic.