The Best Hot Wheels Car Ever

Posted on November 28, 2011


Hot Wheels have come a long way from the days of orange, plastic track.

Take, for example, the Hot Wheels Video Racer, a Hot Wheels-sized car with a micro video camera inside ( If you had Hot Wheels cars as a child, click the link and watch the trailer. You will be jealous.).

The car is essentially a miniature video camera and can film a first person view as it races down the track, completes a loop, jumps over a ramp and hits the finish line.

The footage can be played back on a small screen on the bottom of the car or, using a USB connection, on a computer where young action film makers can download software to edit the footage into their own movies.

This is just one more reminder of the different expectations consumers have today when it comes to media and content.

If you aren’t incorporating video and social media into your overall platform you aren’t in touch with your audience; who are now doing just that with their toys.