Jonathon Brandmeier is on TV, Why Aren’t You?

Posted on November 4, 2011


Apparently long time Chicago-area radio and television columnist Robert Feder is an insomniac.

I can’t image what else could explain the recent item in his column about Jonathan Brandmeier’s new television show, appropriately and succinctly titled “Brandmeier,” which airs on the Chicago NBC affiliate on Friday night/Saturday morning at 1:05 am after Carson Daly.

I guess it’s possible he saw one of the three weekly replays on Fridays at 7:00pm, 10:00pm and 12 midnight on NBC Chicago Nonstop, a digital channel that can be found on local cable providers or with a new digital tuner.

Or maybe he found it through a trailer like this one that’s on YouTube and Brandmeier’s Web site:


Regardless of how Feder discovered the show I think it’s great and brings up a lot of worthwhile lessons:

1) Maximize Opportunity: I’m sure that for Brandmeier, one of the best known radio hosts in Chicago, 1:05 am wasn’t a dream time slot. But it’s a chance to build something new and he grabbed it.

2) Stay Local: Brandmeier is keeping his show focused on Chicago. According to Feder’s column, “This week’s special guest is Governor Pat Quinn, who agrees to play one hand of five-card draw with Johnny B. for casino rights in Chicago.”

3) Have Fun:  An important point that’s gotten away from so many radio people; this is supposed to be fun. According to his Web site the show’s crew includes, “Frank the Bug, Nicky Cigars, Fat Tony, Skinny Pete, Lead Pipe Louie, The Beak, The Snake, The Owl and Louie Ha Ha – and last but not least, our director Joey Half Ball.” How could that not be fun?

Look, I know not everyone has the connections to get a network talk show started or pull in the Governor as a guest. But have you tried?

Start simple.

Post some entertaining videos on YouTube. Commit to one video a week and make mention of it on your show.

This is a great reminder that the opportunity to build your personality and platform beyond your radio show is out there.

So what if it starts at 1:05 am on Saturday morning or on YouTube.

The sooner you start the sooner your name will get thrown around the next time Jay Leno retires again.