No One Cares What You Did This Weekend, Mostly

Posted on November 1, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about the value of establishing an on-air persona your audience can identify with and the value of occasionally stepping out of character.

But I want to clarify something about the example I used; the fact that I actually shot a gun.

While I used it as a vehicle to make my point, I noted that I wasn’t writing the post to tell you about my weekend adventure.

Because if you read this blog for tips about your show the reality is you don’t really care about my weekend.

Your listener’s are the same way.

They tune in to hear about topics they are interested in, not your weekend adventures.

The way you establish your character during your show is by commenting on topics that your audience is interested in.

Whether its celebrity gossip, politics or sports having, unique, consistent and interesting opinions are what brings your audience back each day.

Not your weekend stories.

However, there is a place to tell your listener’s all about your hobbies and interests; on the internet.

If you are into gardening, fantasy football or little known Victorian playwrights go ahead talk about it.

Start a blog, shoot some videos for YouTube, host an event and invite the audience.

Off-air content is a great way to build audience loyalty and share a part of yourself all while doing something you already enjoy.

It will appeal to those listeners who share your particular hobby while not chasing away the ones who don’t.