Have You Ever Dialed 1?

Posted on October 28, 2011


I was leaving a voicemail message for someone recently and, after their personal greeting played, the canned operator voice came on and said that when I was finished recording I could hang up or “press ‘1’ for more options.”

I don’t think I’ve ever pressed ‘1’.

I don’t think anyone ever presses ‘1’.

Yet that message plays every time you leave a voicemail.

Now think about your show; especially station elements like the frequency and positioner that you say over and over, multiple times every day.

I hear a lot of talent that present the station’s information just like the operator offering the option to dial ‘1’.

With an attitude that seems to say, “no one really dials ‘1’ anyway. I just have to say this.”

In reality, getting your audience to remember what station they are listening to plays a large role in getting them to come back.

Believe me it’s far more important than the option to dial ‘1’.

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