The Tweetest Taboo

Posted on October 26, 2011


With apologies to Sade (@sadeofficial) for the headline, this post is about how not to use Twitter and has nothing to do with her other than that pun.

Recently I was streaming a station that prominently features what appears to be a “from the studio” Twitter feed on the front page of their Web site.

I listened to that station for several hours during which time I happened to notice the message in that box never changed.

Worse yet, it was a re-tweet of a trivia question which left me hanging without an answer.

When I finally broke down and investigated further by clicking on the name of the original tweet’s author I discovered that:

  • The original tweet was three days old meaning that box on the front of the station site hadn’t changed in 72 hours.
  • Neither the original author nor the person who retweeted it ever posted the answer.

With apologies to George Harrison (@fabgeorgefacts) this time, My Tweet Lord, what are they thinking?!

One of the most important aspects of social media is commitment.

If you want the audience to engage with you it’s important to give them a consistent flow of content, not little dribs and drabs.

And for god’s sake if you tweet a trivia question please tweet the answer too.