Why Social Radio is Easier Than Social TV

Posted on October 14, 2011


In a short interview with iMedia Connection, NBC’s EVP of digital sales Peter Naylor describes the future of watching television as, “the marriage of old school television combined with tablets, mobile phones and social media.”

He sees a day when television viewing is no longer a passive activity, “It’s voting, it’s polling, it’s Tweeting, it’s sharing, it’s finding like-minded people to talk about programs, news events or sports teams that they love.”

And it’s all in real-time.

For example, NBC’s singing contest “The Voice” featured a Twitter hashtag at the bottom of the screen to encourage people to tweet about the show and a social media correspondent who talked about the online conversations people were having.

But I thought Naylor’s most interesting comment was when he pointed out that television viewers are, “already sitting there with one or two devices by your side, why not open it up.”

Radio doesn’t have that concern. Most of our listeners are already online when they are tuned in, especially during the work day.

We don’t have to get anyone to “open up” their device. We just have to ask them to participate.

So the way I see it, NBC thinks social television is the future of their entire medium and it’s easier for radio to be social.

I think you should give it a try.