Fantasy Football Podcast Showdown: ESPN vs. CBS

Posted on September 27, 2011


I’ll spare you the details but suffice it to say my fantasy football season is off to a miserable start.

So, with things not going as planned, I decided to try out some new advisors.

You see I generally listen to ESPN’s Fantasy Focus podcast which features co-hosts Matthew Berry, known as The Talented Mr. Roto, and Nate Ravitz along with a cast of other characters including injury expert Stephania Bell and their evil producer Pod Vader.

But since things aren’t going well I tried listening the CBS Sports fantasy football podcast featuring Dave Richard and Jamie Eisenberg.

Big mistake!

It wasn’t a mistake because the advice was bad. I mean let’s face it, fantasy football isn’t brain surgery.

It’s a game of educated guesses and rationalizations about things you have no control over such as how many yards receiving Tampa Bay wideout Mike Williams will have against the Atlanta Falcons defense (43) or whether Carolina quarterback Cam Newton can continue his ridiculously hot rookie season (No!).

The analysis by Richards and Eisenberg seemed every bit as sound as what Ravitz and Berry have to say.

The problem was the rest of the show.

I clearly underestimated the importance of the chemistry between Ravitz and Berry which makes digesting a bunch of statistics and predictions not only bearable but actually fun.

The CBS guys are trying, probably too hard, to joke around and act like they are having fun. It sounds forced and makes the show painful to listen to.

Now the comparison may not be fair — I think the CBS show may be new while the ESPN show as been around for many years. Also, I only listened to a couple of CBS shows which isn’t really a great sample — but the lesson is valid regardless.

Whether the meat of your show is music, politics, cardiac surgery or fantasy football how you present the content makes the difference.

That’s why Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh have giant, loyal audiences while others who attempt to copy their success generally fail (Like the Eagles DeSean Jackson with only 30 yard receiving this week).