My Social Media Week Lesson: Respect Your Audience’s Time

Posted on September 23, 2011


Ever since Alanis Morisette I’m never sure if I’m using the word ironic correctly.

But I think it’s ironic that the most important lesson I learned at the Social Media Week seminars I attended has little to do with social media.

For anyone not familiar, Social Media Week is a series of informational panels about the growth and use of social media being held this week in 12 cities around the world.

Since Chicago happened to be one of them I set out to cash in on some free educational opportunities and planned to share what I learned with you.

So here’s my Social Media Week experience in a nutshell:

First panel starts 30 minutes late. Fine, I’ve been known to run behind schedule so I can’t bitch.

But then, when the panel finally started, we had to endure 20 minutes of lengthy introductions for each of the SEVEN panelists and the moderator.

Second panel starts on time and the introductions weren’t overly long but the first question made me cringe. The moderator asked each panelist to talk about how they started blogging.

The problems with the first panel speak for themselves and now the second one begins with a question that provides no practical advice what-so-ever.

The lesson I learned is to always remember that your listeners are sharing one of their most valuable possessions with you; their time.

Keep that in mind as you start an interview, write a bit or craft any piece of content.

I’m not saying don’t be creative, I’m just saying make it count.