Happy Social Media Week!!

Posted on September 20, 2011


Let me be the first to wish you a happy Social Media Week .

That’s right, social media now has its own week-long celebration that includes special panels and sessions in 12 different cities around the world.

One of the cities is Chicago so I am planning on attending a number of sessions though, ironically, the Chicago session on becoming a better blogger is Friday night at the same time as the stand-up performance by the Daily Show’s John Oliver that I bought tickets to months ago.

Sorry dear readers. You’ll just have to continue dealing with me as I am.

But for anyone who isn’t in one of the 12 cities that are home to SMW (as it’s known to us cool kids) you should check out the Web site and you can watch a number of the sessions here.

I highly recommend checking it out. There is a lot of good information and big name speakers taking part in this event that your show and career can benefit from at no cost.

Of course be careful what city the session you choose to watch originates from. They aren’t all in English.