Ana Faris and Kristen Wiig Say Women Can Be Raunchy Too

Posted on September 13, 2011


The rules are very clear.

Rule 1: guys like gross-out humor and sex talk.

Rule 2: women prefer clean, family friendly content.

Rule 2a: Women accept a little dash of innuendo in their comedy but not too much. Don’t go too far or you risk offending their fragile sensibilities.

Apparently Ana Faris and Kristen Wiig didn’t read the rule book.

First came “Bridesmaids” which Wiig wrote and starred in with Maya Rudolph.

It wasn’t for the faint of heart. The movie included diarrhea jokes and sexual humor that went beyond innuendo.

It also made $170 million at the box office with an audience the studio says was 65% women.

Now we are just a few weeks from the release of “What’s Your Number,” another raunchy comedy aimed at women, which Faris produced and stars in.

The trailer looks like a typical chick-flick romantic-comedy but the movie is rated R and according to a Wall Street Journal article it pushes the line even farther than Bridesmaids.

The article also says there are at least two more raunchy female-centric comedies already in production.

For anyone hosting a show directed at women this is a trend worth watching.

I am NOT, by any means, saying you should throw out what you are doing and aspire to be the Howard Stern of women’s radio. I am saying you should pay attention to how these movies fare at the box office and the reactions they receive.

These movies may not change the rules but they might result in a few new clauses worth being aware of.