Hold It Right There! Drop the iPhone and Back Away Slowly

Posted on September 8, 2011


Imagine the horror!

You find yourself trapped in a world with no Facebook, Twitter, email or text messages.

No internet connection, no laptops, no tablets, no smartphones. Not even an old Motor0la Razr anywhere.

You are completely cut off, unavailable… unplugged.

It actually sounds kind of nice doesn’t it?

The Marriott Renaissance hotel in Pittsburgh thinks so.

They are offering a special weekend package that requires guests to surrender all their electronic devices for the duration of their stay.

According to Springwise, the hotel calls it, “a chance to revive yourself from an over stimulated world.”

While surrendering my iPad for a whole weekend might be excessive the idea does seem like a tailor-made radio promotion.

Host an old-fashioned bar night where cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited.

Put out a bunch of board games. Have a masseuse available.

Make people do embarrassing things for prizes. No one will be able to shoot video on their phone so they won’t end up on YouTube the next day.

And of course, be sure to promote the event on the station Web site, Facebook page and Twitter account and remember to post pictures the next day.

It only seems fitting.