After Like Comes Love… And Hate

Posted on September 2, 2011


Yesterday’s post was all about being “liked”, at least in the Facebook sense of the word.

So it only seems logical today to talk about love and its polar opposite, hate.

The idea came to me after I read a quote from Gail Blanke, the CEO of Lifedesigns, a company that consults organizations on dealing with change and building positive cultures.

Blanke told the Smartblog on Leadership, “Let go of thinking that everybody has to love you. Think about Martha Stewart or Oprah or Lady Gaga. Some people love ‘em, some don’t. Here’s a fact: If enough people love you, the ones who don’t, don’t matter!”

Put into radio terms if your show evokes passion from listeners you are building a more engaged, loyal audience than a show that doesn’t invade the audience’s consciousness.

But as your content begins to invade the listener’s brain you will hopefully find people who love it but you’ll also find people who hate it. When content is really engaging, very few people are neutral about it.

It’s like the ratings scene from Howard Stern’s movie Private Parts:

As Stern is bordering on being fired from the station in Washington Arbitron releases the ratings and Stern’s show has exploded because the people who like his show are listening for long stretches of time.

“What about the people who hate him?” asks the incredulous sales manager.

“They are listening twice as long.”

All that being said, let me end on a word of caution: if your show isn’t currently evoking passion from the audience don’t go into the studio and suddenly start throwing bombs and inciting controversy. That’s nothing but a good way to get fired.

Instead, consider hiring me to help you find your voice and build the audience engagement that leads to better ratings.