Radio Myth-Busting: Who Actually Calls Your Show

Posted on August 23, 2011


How many millions of times throughout the history of radio has this conversation taken place?

PD: You are really spending too much time talking about (insert topic of your choice here).

Talent: But it lights up my phone lines.

PD: The people who call are only a fraction of your audience. You can’t rely on that as a barometer.

I’ve been that program director and the list of talent that I’ve had that discussion with is both lengthy and distinguished.

If you’ve ever been the airtalent in that little Shakespearean tragedy, here’s something for you to consider: a new study by Alan Burns and Associates of over 2000 women ages 15-54 found that approximately 75% have never called a radio station morning show.

That’s three out of every four listeners report they have never called in, even when your phone lines are “lit up.”