Peter Lik is Ruining the Weather Channel

Posted on August 16, 2011


I am quickly growing to hate Peter Lik.

According to his Web site, Lik “Sits at the summit of landscape photography.” He is, “World-renowned, highly awarded, and [boasts]  a huge international following.”

I’ve never met the man and I have no interest in landscape photography.

I’m growing to hate him because of his Weather Channel show “From the Edge with Peter Lik.” The only show on the network during which you can’t… get… any… weather!

During most of their other programming, the Weather Channel will still break for their “Local on the 8’s” forecast or, at the very least, run a scroll with local weather information at the bottom of the screen.

But not during “From the Edge with Peter Lik,” which seems to be airing a lot lately.

I know there are a lot of easy ways for me to find the current weather conditions when I want to: my phone, my iPad, my computer and even, my personal favorite, the radio.

Which is exactly my point.

As I become more adjusted to using those other means for finding the current weather conditions I’m becoming less inclined to turn on  the Weather Channel.

Which is an excellent reminder about delivering on your listener’s expectations.

Take the time to understand why your listener’s tune in and be sure you deliver for them or else they might very easily start trying other options too.