Topical and Timely Content from Mr. Skin

Posted on August 12, 2011


In the movie “Knocked Up,” Judd Apatow’s character is the leader of a team of friends whose plan for financial independence centers on building out a Website chronicling nude scenes by famous actresses.

That is until this pivotal scene when the gang discovers such a site, called Mr. Skin, already exists.

I’m sure many movie goers thought Mr. Skin was created by the writers as a plot vehicle but, in fact, the site does exist and there is actually a Mr. Skin. His name is Jim McBride and recently, through a strange set of business-related circumstances, I met him.

Since it was a business meeting, in an effort to be well prepared I visited his Web site; solely for research purposes of course.

While my fact-finding stopped short of a paid subscription to the site, I did end up in his email database which has been an interesting experience.

I’ve been simply amazed at how the emails are consistently able to link celebrity nudity to subjects that are topical and timely.

Skin and his team (yes, they call him Skin) are geniuses at repackaging the same content in new wrappers. Over the last few months I have received emails touting galleries of nude celebrities grouped by topics such as:

  • Nude scenes by actresses that have appeared in the Harry Potter movies.
  • A Comic-Con inspired gallery of famous sci-fi actresses that have done nude scenes.
  • Holidays celebrations like stars that were born on July 4th and ladies with famous dads in honor of Father’s day.
  • A collection of nude sunbathing scenes for the start of summer.

Skin and his team constantly find ways to package the material on his site in a topical, current manner.

Think about that the next time you have to promote the same contest or station event for what feels like the 301st time.

Take a cue from Skin and look for a way to relate it to something that your listeners are thinking about. It’s a great way to get their attention even if you aren’t offering naked pictures of Jennifer Anniston.