Congrats Chris Clare, Thanks Jaye Albright

Posted on August 11, 2011


I really should have written this post last week but in my pre-Lollapalooza frenzy, I got distracted.

Congratulations to Chris Clare (seen here holding up the we’re number one finger) and the team at Cat Country 98-7 in Pensacola who beat their direct competitor outright for the first time in the most recent ratings book.

Chris is not only a good friend and former employee but also a Talent Mechanic client, a fact which was noted in a recent blog post by one of the top country-radio consultants in America, Jaye Albright, the leading half of the team of Albright and O’Malley.

Talking about Chris she writes, “I have long been impressed by his on air content and production, and now I know why.”

As for the idea of hiring a talent coach (like little old me over here at Talent Mechanic), Albright says, “It never ceases to amaze me how many air personalities refuse to get prep help simply because of the excuse ‘the station owner won’t buy it. Be entrepreneurial. If you don’t invest in self-improvement, who will?”

Amen Jaye, and thanks.