Idea-Palooza: Perry Farrell and Shrinky Dinks

Posted on August 8, 2011


This weekend I hauled my forty-something body through three days of Lollapalooza at Grant Park in Chicago.

It was hot, humid, rainy and really fun.

It’s been 20 years since the start of the original Lollapalooza tour which was ground-breaking in a number of ways.

Package tours with multiple big name acts were not common when Lolla first launched and alternative acts certainly didn’t share the bill with hip-hop artists.

Now it seems to me that Lollapalooza is breaking ground in a new area: creative sponsorship.

As I began preparing for my three-day adventure at the 2011 Lollapalooza I noticed a tab on the Web site marked “Activites” which lists everything you can at the festival aside from listening to music.

What I discovered was a list with some good ideas that could easily be stolen and implemented at the next event you host.

Here are a few of the ones that caught my attention:

Bag Check: State Farm is being a really good neighbor by providing a bag check tent. That’s a great idea for a daylong event where people will want to bring a lot of stuff but not necessarily carry it around with them.

Charging Station: I’ve got to hand it to WXRT here in Chicago, their “lounge” promises to have plugs for recharging one of the most essential festival-going accessories: your phone.

Scavenger Hunts: Two sponsors are sending people on scavenger hunts around the festival. One is a photo-based hunt and the other is a more traditional collect-this-list-of-stuff type game.

Loaner Cameras: Sony is lending concert goers Bloggie Touch HD cameras to go out and shoot their own video of the festival. The company is uploading the footage to a Web site so everyone can see how the would-be Spielbergs did.

Shrinky Dinks: Remember Shrinky Dinks, the little pieces of plastic you colored and then stuck in the over to shrink? Toyota does and its bringing them back at their Lollapalooza tent.

Of course the real point of Lollapalooza is music; more on that tomorrow.