Your Station Isn’t Worth Moving Online

Posted on July 27, 2011


Yesterday’s post contrasted the way two cancelled ABC soap operas are continuing as online-only shows with how broadcasters handle moving radio brands to the web.

The soap operas are going to continue with their full production value intact while radio stations that move online generally end up as stripped down jukeboxes.

I suggested that, like the soap operas producers, broadcast companies could find ways to maintain a station’s complete product online.

But perhaps I was hasty.

Let’s take a minute to consider the situation from the owner’s point-of-view.

Being honest, many stations aren’t offering a product that’s worth maintaining online.

Too many stations suffer from a lack of local content, compelling airtalent and community involvement.

Without those pieces listeners have no real reason to follow a station online so owners have no incentive to invest the money needed to keep the product intact.

On the other hand, stations that have compelling airtalent, local content and are involved in their community generally have good ratings.

They don’t have to worry about having their frequency taken away.

So here’s the irony, if you build a station that would do well as a web-only brand, odds are you’ll never have to face that possibility.