Who Has Better Lawyers: Dan Mason or Kim Kardashian?

Posted on July 22, 2011


The legal teams of CBS Radio and Kim Kardashian have both been busy.

Kardashian and her legal team are suing Old Navy for more than $15 million.

Mason and the CBS legal team sent a cease and desist order to Merlin Media, the new owner of the station that used to be Q101 in Chicago.

Kardashian is upset because the retailer used a woman named Melissa Molinaro, who looks a lot like Kardashian, in a new ad campaign.

Mason is upset because Randy Michaels and his team at Merlin Media used the word “fresh” in an on-air promo.

Kardashian is claiming Old Navy misappropriated her likeness.

Mason is claiming Michaels violated CBS’ trademark on the term “Fresh FM,” the name of the format on WCFS, 105.9 in Chicago.

Kardashian is extra upset because Molinaro is currently dating her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Mason is extra upset because Michaels is about to launch some incarnation of all-news in Chicago on 101.1 FM which will compete with CBS’ all-news station WBBM-AM.

In Kardashian’s case, the ads in question have been very successful for Old Navy and will likely continue unless she tries to stop them.

In CBS’ case, the offending promo is part of the temporary format Merlin is airing while they prepare to launch their new format on the 101.1 frequency. Stepping up to the competitive challenge, Mason has announced plans to dump the “Fresh FM’ format in favor of a simulcast of all-news WBBM-AM starting August 1.

Which means both the offending promo and the trademark that’s being defended will be off the air in a matter of weeks.

So? Who has the better legal team; Mason or Kardashian?