Does Your Show Deserve a Chapter in the Station’s History?

Posted on July 20, 2011


One exercise that life coaches and other inspirational gurus often employ to help their clients put everything into perspective is having a person write their own obituary.

The goal is to make a person stop and really consider what they want to be remembered for after they are gone.

Now I find out that former Q101 staffer James Van Osdol has secured enough funding through a site called Kickstarter to write a book on the history of the recently deceased station.

I got a nice note from him today essentially saying the project is going to happen and he will likely be reaching out for an interview.

My Q101 obituary is being written. Wow! It made me stop and think about what I hope to be remembered for.

It’s such an intriguing question. In retrospect, I wish I’d asked it when I was working there or at any of the other jobs I’ve had.

Since I didn’t, the least I can do is give you a chance to learn from my experience.

So, I’ll as you, years from now if someone wrote a book about your station’s history would you deserve a chapter? A page? A footnote?

If you don’t deserve a mention then it’s time to consider how you can have more impact.

If you deserve a chapter think about what would it say.

Would you be proud of it? Would it say you did positive things for the listeners and local community? That you were a good co-worker and an asset to the station?

Give it some thought. If you don’t like the answers you are coming up with it might be time to reconsider your priorities.