Feeding the Social Media Monster

Posted on July 19, 2011


Using social media to promote yourself is a little like being in an way-off-off-off-Broadway production of “Little Shop of Horrors,” with a killer plant constantly screaming, “Feed me Seymour.”

Once you set out to cultivate a  legion of fans, friends and followers the demand for content never wanes.

You can however, prune the branches to make it easier to satisfy your monster plant. Here’s how:

1) Prepping for your show should include finding content to use for other platforms. If you are prepping properly you are already gathering content that interests you and (hopefully) your audience.

2) Use your social media platforms to send out teasers for the content you use on the air, but also send out links and notes about the content that doesn’t quite make the cut. There’s always more content than you can use in one show; why let it go to waste?

3) Crosslink any platforms that work together. For example, I promote my blog posts on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

4) Use a program that lets you schedule posts so you appear to be active around the clock. So far the best I’ve found is Hoot Suite. If you’ve found another please let me know.

These four simple steps should help you start to get your little studio of horrors under control. If not, call  a good mechanic. I can help.