How to be a Stand-Up Guy (Or Woman) in Radio

Posted on July 13, 2011


In some ways working in radio is like being in the mob. Once you’re in it can be really hard to get out.

There are also certain responsibilities that come with being a member of the family.

Such as reaching out when someone you know loses their gig like my friends at Q101 are this week.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow because you’ll forget.

Don’t say you’re too busy because you’re not.

Don’t assume someone else who knows them better will do it because they might not.

Just take a minute and be a stand-up guy (or woman).

Send an email, a Facebook message, a text or, if you want to get really crazy, give them a call.

Do it because it really does help.

Do it because kindness comes back to you.

Do it because next time it may be you that loses a gig.