ESPN Knows How to Cultivate Loyalty

Posted on June 15, 2011


ESPN isn’t only “The Worldwide Leader in Sports,” the network is also one of the leading advocates of building brand loyalty by making great content available on every possible platform; a strategy much of the radio industry has yet to embrace.

Working with Arbitron, ESPN studied the impact of making their content available on multiple platforms.

Arbitron used its Portable People Meter (PPM) service to measure ESPN TV viewership alongside of radio listening last November.

The results show that multi-platform users — people who accessed ESPN’s content on radio and television — spent significantly more time with the brand than people who only used one or the other.

Well sure, that makes sense. People using two platforms would logically have more exposure.

But this isn’t just a case of one plus one equaling two:

  • On average multi-platform users consumed more than three times the amount of content than single platform consumers.
  • Multi-platform users listened to 4:31 of radio programming while single platform users averaged 1:41.
  • Only 22% of people were multi-platform users but they accounted for 43% of the total consumption of ESPN content.

Your biggest fans want access to your content in more places that just during your show. Make it available to them and it should pay off with increased listening and loyalty.

And if you need help creating content people really want to consume and/or growing your show into a multi-platform brand the size of ESPN think about hiring yourself a good mechanic. I can help.

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