A Lesson from the World of Apps

Posted on June 10, 2011


The inventor of Mad Libs, Leonard B. Stern, died earlier this week at the age of 88. Can you imagine what his obituary looked like?

In honor of his passing I’ve created a kind of Mad-Lib-esque post based on an article from the site  Multichannel News that reports on the results of a survey by MTV Networks (MTVN) about what makes mobile apps successful.

Below, you’ll find several paragraphs from the article with “app” removed and replaced with a radio-related reference.

What’s amazing is that the results are just as germane to radio hosts as they are to app developers. 

MTVN commissioned the multipart study, “Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Adoption, Abandonment and the [Radio]-Addled Consumer,” to determine the attributes of the most popular [radio shows]. The report is based on a quantitative survey of about 1,300 self-reported daily [radio listeners] users and qualitative interviews with dedicated [radio] consumers.

Ease of use (79%) and new content (55%) are the biggest reasons consumers will use an entertainment-oriented [show] for the long-term. Conversely, better alternatives (55%) and lack of new content (42%) will drive a consumer to [sample the competition].

“Ultimately, the long-term success of [a show] is tied to fun and function,” MTVN executive vice president and chief research officer Colleen Fahey Rush said. “[Radio] users are looking for experiences that will make them feel smarter, more empowered or more entertained.”

Three-fourths (75%) of consumers said it’s very important that [a show] is “entertaining or fun to use,” while 83% agreed that they are “often surprised at how useful [a show] can become even if I don’t initially think this is something I need.”

Since the Mad-Lib reference is a kind-of shaky cover story for the borderline plagiarism of this post, if you found the  information to be interesting or helpful, please click through to the actual article.

Maybe if I send them some traffic they will be less likely to sue me.