Don’t Scan This Code. Get Your Own

Posted on June 6, 2011


Q.R. codes like the one pictured on the left are popping up everywhere.

To me they look like the spots that used to flash in front of my eyes when I had a migraine. But putting my medical biases aside, after just a little research into the world of Q.R. codes I’m convinced they could be an excellent way to promote your show for little or no cost.

 Oh, by the way, I have no idea whose code is pictured here. Scan at your own risk.

I’ll start at the beginning for anyone who isn’t familiar with Q.R. codes and how they work. If this is you don’t feel bad, until a few weeks ago I didn’t get it either.

The goofy looking squiggly boxes are Q.R. – which stands for Quick Response — codes. They are two-dimensional bar-codes similar to the code on every product that gets scanned at the cash register.

These codes can be scanned by either a dedicated code reader, or a smartphone. You caught that right? A smartphone; one of those things almost everyone has or will own soon.

Consumers can take a picture of a Q.R. code and use an app to decipher it.

The information contained in the Q.R. code can be used to direct the smartphone’s browser to a web page. Any page you want. It could be an existing page on your station’s site or a special page designed just for the Q.R. code.

Now here’s what may be the most important part of Q.R. codes that I didn’t realize until recently; they are free. There are a number of free Q.R. code generating programs on the Web.

Once you have the image, you can print it on anything. You can run off copies at the station copier, put it on a sandwich board for your intern to wear or invest in 500 business cards that include the name of your show and the Q.R. code. It’s that easy to use.

Watch this quick video from that explains how easy it is to use a Q.R. code to promote anything:

I don’t know anything more about this company than what you see on their site. I’m not endorsing them nor have I worked with them.

However, if this is half as simple as they make it sound Q.R. codes represent a great opportunity for unique promotions at minimal cost.

If you are intrigued and want to kick around ideas for how you could use Q.R. codes to promote your show, drop me a note at Maybe we can do some exploring together.