The Morning Email Club

Posted on June 3, 2011


The morning ritual is being redefined. It used to be a three “S” process. The second two are “shower” and “shave.” I’ll let you figure out the first one (the picture is a hint).

Now there’s a new addition to the morning routine.

According to a recent survey 35% of mobile workers check their email first thing in the morning on before doing anything else. ANYTHING else.

According to the iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report, another 17% check their email after getting dressed, 13.5% check it after having morning tea or coffee, 10% check it after breakfast and 8% check it as they start their commute.

I’m really hoping that last category uses mass transit.

The means more than 8 out of 10 people who the iPass folks call mobile workers — anyone who uses a mobile device of any sort to access non-corporate networks for work purposes — check their email before they leave for work.

iPass calls them mobile workers, I call them your listeners.

So while Twitter and Facebook are nice, and very valuable, email might be a better way to reach morning listeners before they get in the car and pick a station to listen to.

However, before you start the morning email club take some time to consider what you could put in a daily morning message that would be valuable to your listener.

Start with the weather and a link to a traffic service. Maybe add links to audio files with news headlines, celebrity gossip and other information pre-recorded before the show by a member of the morning team. 

Joke of the day? Toilet trivia? Coffee chain or fast-food breakfast coupon?

Once you’ve provided some worthwhile information and even some actual monetary value, then hit them with all the great reasons they should tune in: prizes, guests, benchmark bits, etc.

Soon you’ll be more valuable than the stuff pictured next to the toilet.