A Holiday Weekend Lament

Posted on May 27, 2011


They really do mean well.

All the people who, as they are leaving work early on the Friday before a holiday weekend, stop by the studio and say…

“Have a great holiday weekend.”

They really are trying to be nice, even if they aren’t considering the fact that you have to be there until 7pm and probably have production to do after that.

The same is true for any talent who has to be on the air over a long weekend when their friends ask, “Got big plans for the long weekend?” 

They mean well. Honest.

It can be annoying or even downright demoralizing when the building is empty and its a holiday weekend. It can be really tempting to coast a little bit, maybe not put a full 1000% effort into your show.

Don’t fall for it.

The reality is there are probably more people in their cars on the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning of a holiday weekend than usual.

According to AAA, nearly 31 million Americans will drive somewhere for the holiday weekend. That’s nearly as many as last year despite ridiculously high gas prices.

Of course, they all have to come back too. That means a lot of travelers in their cars on Monday.

In between there’s all the family gatherings and parties where the radio is on and people who normally wouldn’t be tuned in over the weekend are listening. 

You have a captive audience that includes people who don’t usually hear your show.

Take advantage of it. Make some new friends.


 Have a great holiday weekend.

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