Radio: Still a Value at Twice the Price

Posted on May 26, 2011


Sometimes it’s easy to forget one of terrestrial radio’s most attractive listener benefits; it’s free.

Yes I know, we play commercials and that’s the price listener’s pay for tuning in.

But considering most people pay monthly bills for cable television, internet access and their mobile phones, radio would be a bargain at twice the price.

Because two times free is still free.

This is notable because a survey by the public relations firm Edelman says consumer’s perception of the value they get from the entertainment industry has fallen by nearly 70% in the last year.

Only 17% of respondents say they get “very good,” or “excellent” value from their entertainment options.

That’s less than two out of every ten people.

Gail Becker, president of Edelman’s Western U.S. Region, says “With so many forms of entertainment, consumers are spreading their attention across multiple platforms – leading to a decline in perceived value in any one format.”

That’s the problem; too many choices. Being one of the only free entertainment options isn’t enough. We need to build on that advantage.

One way is to augment our on air programming with engaging online content.

More than half of all respondents say they would like to use a computer to access further entertainment content, and 30% would like to be able to access that content on their mobile phone.

According to Becker, entertainment companies have a real opportunity to regain consumer trust by, “offering the opportunity to engage with them through multiple platforms.”

Even if your station isn’t making it a priority to augment the on-air content with a good online effort, you can.

Your Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as any mobile apps and parts of the station Web site you can access, all need to offer real, worthwhile content on a regular basis both during your show and after.

Additional artist information, special online-only contests, and behind-the-scenes insights are just a few options that are easy to create and will extend the value of your show.

And, of course, if you need help building a manageable social media strategy, I know a good mechanic who can help.

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