Give Your Audience the Good Stuff

Posted on May 19, 2011


Like many radio folks, over my years in the industry I accumulated a rather large collection of CD’s which, I’m happy to say are a lot smaller than the collections of albums that many people who came before me in the industry amassed. 

But things have changed and the days are having a physical music collection are almost over.

In a Reuters article about plans for a full re-issue of the Pink Floyd catalog, drummer Nick Mason says, “”There is a slight sense that we are coming to the end of the period where people will buy the physical record with all the packaging and the information and so on.”

Just like music collecting is going digital, so are pictures. 

I have a close friend who stubbornly continued printing all her digital photos and pasted them into albums year after year.  But in the last year or so even she has thrown in the towel leaving her pictures on a hard drive and purchasing a digital picture frame.

I guess this eventually means no more stuff right? Well, not exactly.

As downloading has become prevalent and the amount of money bands make from selling music has declined, merchandise sales have remained the one truly steady stream of income for artists. 

Now a CNet article reports that sales of analog cameras are growing while digital camera sales are decreasing. 

That’s because people like stuff; especially rare stuff.  

Film cameras are mounting a comeback because printed pictures are becoming rare. People don’t miss CD’s because there is nothing rare or unique about them. Might as well save the space and download the music to a hard drive. The special t-shirt being sold at the merch table however, that’s in demand because it’s far less common.

As an airtalent anytime you get meet a band or celebrity you have the opportunity to create some rare stuff. The type your audience wants. The type they will brag to their friends about and display proudly. 

The good stuff.

Give it to them. They’ll remember you for it.