Friday Morning Geek Out

Posted on May 13, 2011


It’s Friday so no heavy commentary today. Instead, let’s be geeks. Here are five technology-related items  that could prove valuable for your show:  

1) Fellowup is the name of a new site that manages notable occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and even changes in job or relationship status for all your online connections. What a great way to personalize your relationship with listeners that are connected to you via social media. Send them notes on special occasions, congratulate them on the air if they get a new job or play a song for them if their relationship ends. You’ll make friends for life.

2)  This CNN Money article details six ways consumers can use technology to save on gas. There are a couple you could use in the studio to provide this valuable information for your listeners. Probably the easiest to use would be, or its app equivalent GasBuddy, which enable you to type in an address to find the nearest cheap gas. These probably aren’t great on-air phone bits, but it sure is a good use of downtime during a stopset or song.   

3) This C-Net article details five Web sites that can alert you to concerts in your area. They work by grabbing information about your preferences from music sites and services you use. Try exploring these sites to see if there is one that can put a comprehensive list of shows your listeners might be interested in at your fingertips. 

4) Possibly the winner for All-Time Goofiest iPhone app is The Mobile Makeout App.  This marketing video presents the app as a way to make out with a friend or even a stranger without actually cheating on your significant other. What do you think? Is kissing someone via your iPhone cheating?

5) Finally, the geekiest of the Friday Morning Geek Out, there is a new exhibit coming to the Smithsonian Art Museum next spring celebrating 40 years of video game art. Screenshots from 80 different games will be on display along with five fully playable games. Of course anytime there’s a list there is controversy. For instance no sports games were even considered and both Rockband and Guitar Hero missed the cut as did many longtime favorites. You can find a list of the games that did make it here and more information about the exhibit here.