If You Can’t Say Something Interesting…

Posted on May 12, 2011


Interesting statistics from the Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ). Since the U.S. raid that killed Osama Bin Laden  on the first of May, 69%  of the news coverage from major media outlets has been dedicated to the story. That’s the highest ratio of coverage for any one story since 2007 when the PEJ started monitoring news coverage.

However a survey fielded May 5-8 reports that only 42% of news consumers said they followed the story more closely than any other story and 43% of respondents felt there was too much coverage of Bin Laden’s death.

Sometimes interpreting research is really about reading between the lines.

If you ask me, the reason people think there was too much coverage had less to do with the volume than the repetition. So many talking heads just parroting the same details over and over will not hold the public’s attention.

That’s why it’s important when you present content, no matter what the subject, you have to give your listener’s something more than just the facts or the same  opinions they can get a dozen other places. 

Find your unique angle. Localize the story. Or find something else to talk about.